When Heather transitioned from Industrial Chemist to Technical Sales Representative in 1983 it was tough.

After being thrown out of a meeting by one of her customers, her determination kicked in and she devised a strategy for success.

  • She tripled her business with that same customer in just 18 months.
  • Within 4 years they’d become her largest customer.
  • She grew so much more business across her whole client base, more technical sales people were brought on for the team.
  • Becoming Sales Manager of Bayer NZ, she developed more technical sales people in their path to success.
  • Then she used her proven techniques to create a new and high successful company in the IT sector.
  • As Market Development Manager for Downer EDI she pioneered customer focussed communication in Civil Engineering contracts to huge acclaim.
  • Appointed General Manager of a NZ Chemical Importer she increased turnover from $10million to $20million – during the recession!

Along the way, Heather gained Diplomas in both Management and Psychology, and developed a passion for helping people and businesses to succeed.

With The Marketing Company, Heather coached and trained many businesses across multiple industries to achieve exponential growth, but the specialist needs of technical people remained largely unmet.

So, returning to her roots, Heather launched her unique system, the “TechBiz Success Academy” to give technical people the skills they need for transformational sales success.