TechBiz Success Academy – Summary of Popular Courses

“TechBiz Planning”

  • Goal setting for technical businesses
  • Product lifecycle planning

“Research to Reality”

  • A program to take new technical products to market

“Technical Sales Management”

  • Sales Management (strategy, sales targets, leadership, performance development)
  • Understanding technical people in sales

“Get to the Point”

  • Clear communication of technical information to customers and others
  • Written, telephone and face-to-face communication

“Amplify the Comfort Zone”

  • Interpersonal training for technical people
  • Personality types, professional image, body language, confidence & self-belief

“Steps to Technical Sales Success”

  • Training in all aspects of the technical sales process

“Filling the Funnel”

  • Pull in the right leads and filter out the wrong ones
  • Targets, Competitors, Promotion, Lead Generation

“Business Opportunity Spotting”

  • For Technical Service/Sales visits to existing clients

“Raving Fans”

  • Develop strong relationships with clients and others

“Crowd Survival”

  • Mingling strategies for conferences and functions

“Use Your Yo-Yo”

  • Resilience training to bounce back from rejection

“New Horizons”

  • International sales and negotiation coaching

“Stand Out”

  • Trade Fair preparation coaching