• Your technical business has potential to grow. Huge potential
  • Technology driven businesses are dynamic. You are operating in a constantly changing world. The goal posts keep shifting
  • You are under pressure to keep up with the latest shifts in technology, legislation and customer expectations
  • How do you achieve sustained growth in that environment?
  • How do you lead your talented technical people to share and enhance the growth journey?

We can help.

Our one-on-one training and in-house workshops are specifically designed for technical businesses. We help you grow.
Browse our most popular courses outlined below then book your free 30 minute strategy session so we can tailor a bespoke training programme for your specific needs.


TechBiz Planning
2 hour tailored one-on-one training specifically for businesses in High-Tech, IT, Engineering, Scientific or Manufacturing sectors. Training sessions to cover any of the following planning skills:

  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Growth
  • Vision and Values
  • Growth Strategy
  • Product Life-cycle Planning
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Target Setting
  • Operational Action Plans


Research to Reality
A series of 3 x 2 hour one-on-one training sessions plus one 1/2 day in-house workshop delivered over 3 months for Business Owners and Senior Managers. Designed for technical businesses developing innovative new products, this training covers:

  • Market research
  • Market testing
  • Identifying and prioritising target markets
  • Developing specific marketing strategies for each market segment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Setting marketing budgets
  • Pricing strategies
  • Defining path to market including lead generation and distribution strategy


Refresh the Organisation
A series of 3 x 2 hour one-on-one training sessions plus one 1/2 day in-house workshop for Business Owners and Senior Managers, delivered over 3 months. For Technical businesses facing major changes. Key outcomes include

  • Determine threats and/or opportunities facing the business due to Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal, Global or Competitor factors
  • Determine the future needs of the business
  • Forward planning the phase-in of new systems and resources required to re-shape the business
  • Identify Change Management requirements to enable the business to respond effectively


Technical Sales Management
2 hour tailored one-on-one training session for Business Owners and Sales Managers of technical businesses. Covering any of these Sales Management skills:

  • Understanding technical people in sales roles
  • Leadership and personal development
  • Setting sales targets
  • Performance management
  • How technical people learn
  • Understanding the different styles of non-technical sales people versus technical sales and utilising their strengths
  • Managing people in remote sales locations


Work-Life Balance
2 hour tailored one-on-one workshop for Business Owners who will learn:

  • What work-life balance really means for them
  • What work-life balance may mean to team members
  • Understand options and benefits of flexibility
  • How to match business and personal needs of the owners and of the team members to create higher productivity, improved loyalty and better staff engagement