IT Professionals play a pivotal role in your business. They have incredible technical expertise and fantastic problem-solving skills. IT Professionals have these outstanding abilities because their “technical brain” operates in a different way to the “non-technical” brain.

The “technical brain” has other differences too. If you are working with, or managing, IT Professionals, you may have noticed that they don’t communicate in the same way as people in other parts of the business. Do you puzzle over why they react in certain ways? Would you like to have more effective communication with the IT Professionals in your organisation?

This half day course in Understanding and Managing IT Professionals is designed for managers and colleagues of IT Professionals. This course will help you to engage with IT Professionals, to really understand what motivates them and what might be holding them back from communicating. You will learn how to get better participation in meetings and timely responses to requests for information. You will also gain insight into what IT Professionals need, to function effectively.

What you learn in this course will change the way you interact with technical people. The result will be better working relationships, an easier flow of communication and improved productivity.

Duration:Full Day

Target Audience

  • Managers of IT Professionals, or teams that include some technical people
  • Colleagues of IT Professionals, especially those in sales, marketing and customer service roles

Course Content

  • Communication styles of different personalities
  • Understanding the technical brain and how it operates
  • How to ensure technical people participate more effectively in meetings
  • Tools for listening and encouraging technical people to speak up
  • Learning to overcome the “jargon barrier”
  • Utilising the strengths of technical people to interact more effectively with customers
  • How to communicate with technical people in a time effective way
  • Understand what motivates technical people and how to avoid de-motivators
  • How to build positive relationships with technical people and other part of the organisation

This course will be delivered by an NZTE registered training instructor who specialises in transforming technical communication. The course will introduce a number of concepts with a participative style to ensure learning is directly applied to each attendee.

At the end of the course attendees will be able to:

  • Understand technical people and help them to communicate more effectivelyBuild rapport and trust with the technical team
  • Obtain timely information from technical people in the format you need
  • Gain valuable insights from technical people for internal and external customers
  • Understand what motivates and what exasperates technical people
  • Give clear instructions to technical people and get the results you want
  • Help technical and non-technical people to work together more effectively
  • Improve communication with technical people by telephone, email and face to face

Your Trainer
Heather Grace is an experienced training facilitator and business coach who has worked in a variety of professional roles in the technology sector.
Originally from a technical background in the manufacturing sector, Heather has diplomas in Management and Psychology, plus 30 years experience in the business world overseas and in NZ. Her business experience includes technical sales, sales management, project management, contract management and general management roles.
She has particular experience in running businesses involved in IT, Professional Engineering Services and the Sciences.
Heather runs the TechBiz Success Academy, providing training and coaching in communication, technical sales and growth strategy for technical people and technical businesses.