Technical Professionals contribute hugely to business performance, but it can be challenging to communicate this technical expertise to others in a concise and compelling way. The non-technical people in the business often have different priorities and prefer different communication styles to those in technical roles.

Effective communication between Technical Professionals and the rest of the organisation is a critical factor in the success of any business. Engineering and IT solutions impact on every part of modern business so being clearly understood is vital.

This half-day course is designed for Technical Professionals who want to communicate more effectively with other parts of the business.  In particular, the course is for those who wish to be more concise and compelling in written communication.

We cover written communication in its many different forms; Reports, project updates, technical support updates, emails and chat. You will also learn how communication can be enhanced through understanding different communication needs of different departments and levels in the business.

Duration: Half Day

Course Content

The course covers the following:

  • Understand the priorities and communication needs of different people in the business
  • Learn how to avoid jargon in written communications
  • Learn how to write in a concise and compelling way
  • Learn how to be persuasive and persuadable
  • Understand how to present evidence to support recommendations
  • Learn how to get better responses to written requests
  • Understand how to be time effective with email communication
  • Build confidence in communicating and learn the art of proactive communication
  • Learn how to make written reports easy to read



This course will be delivered by an NZTE registered training instructor who specialises in transforming technical communication. The course will introduce essential communication concepts with active participation to provide an applied learning foundation for every attendee.


At the end of the course attendees will be able to:

  • Be concise and compelling in written communication
  • Write effective reports to suit the priorities of different departments and management levels
  • Communicate technical information in everyday language
  • Utilise time more effectively when writing reports and emails
  • Produce reports that are easy to read
  • Persuade others and be persuadable
  • Write in a way that produces action and gets results
  • Be effective with email communication and get responses to requests
  • Build rapport with colleagues

Target Audience

  • People who have technical expertise that is vital to the success of the business
  • Project Managers, developers and technical people involved in projects and operations where success depends on multiple communication channels. Especially where this communication will be to other departments and different levels of management.
  • Support and technical service people who need to report to others about issues in a concise and timely way.

Your Trainer

Heather Grace is an experienced training facilitator and business coach with a track record of transforming technical communication, technical sales and technical business growth.

She has particular experience in running businesses involved in IT, Engineering and the Sciences.

Originally from a technical background herself, Heather has diplomas in Management and Psychology, plus 30 years’ experience in the business world overseas and in NZ. Her business experience includes technical sales, sales management, project management, contract management and general management roles.

Heather runs the TechBiz Success Academy, providing training and coaching in communication, technical sales and growth strategy for technical people and technical businesses.