Demand for customer service skills in the IT field is on the rise. Customer support is not just about solving technical problems. Internal and external customers expect excellent communication and a helpful friendly service along with the technical expertise.

How do you provide effective technical service and support to internal and external customers?

Communication between technical support people and those needing their help may present many challenges. It is not easy being on the end of a telephone and trying to talk someone through a technical issue, especially when people are under pressure. When customers (internal or external) have a problem, they want it addressed urgently, by someone who can communicate clearly and show they care. Getting this right will have a positive impact on customers and internal relationships, but getting it wrong may be damaging for the organisation.

This half-day course is designed for IT Professionals who recognise the need to communicate effectively by telephone and email while under pressure to solve problems and enhance customer relationships. The course also provides survival strategies for customer support people when dealing with difficult calls.

Duration: Half Day

Course Content
The course covers the following:

  • Understanding the customers world – internal and external customers
  • Speaking style for effective telephone communication
  • How to ask the right questions
  • Effective listening skills
  • Useful phrases to show empathy with customers
  • How to maintain control of the conversation
  • How to avoid conflict and resolve difficult situations
  • Structuring emails for effective communication and response
  • When to use email and when to use the telephone for best results
  • Resilience tools to bounce back after stressful calls

You can view the course schedule here!

This course will be delivered by an NZTE registered training instructor who specialises in transforming technical communication. The course will introduce a number of concepts with a participative style to ensure learning is directly applied to each attendee.

At the end of the course attendees will be able to:

  • Show empathy to the customer on the telephone
  • Maintain a calm and effective manner with customers
  • Ask the right questions to fully understand the issue to be resolved
  • Ensure the customer feels listened to and cared for
  • Speak clearly and confidently on the telephone
  • Use email communication effectively to follow up or obtain required information
  • De-stress and maintain motivation

Target Audience
IT Professionals who have technical expertise that is vital to the success of the business
Those involved in Customer Support via telephone to assist internal or external customers.

Your Trainer
Heather Grace is an experienced training facilitator and business coach who has worked in a variety of professional roles in the technology sector.
Originally from a technical background in the manufacturing sector, Heather has diplomas in Management and Psychology, plus 30 years experience in the business world overseas and in NZ. Her business experience includes technical sales, sales management, project management, contract management and general management roles.
She has particular experience in running businesses involved in IT, Professional Engineering Services and the Sciences.
Heather runs the TechBiz Success Academy, providing training and coaching in communication, technical sales and growth strategy for technical people and technical businesses.